Elevating Prescription Care

At ManifestRx, we are committed to delivering exceptional prescription care solutions to a wide range of verticals. Our comprehensive services cater to various industries and organizations, ensuring simplified prescription access and empowering members everywhere.

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With ManifestRx, employers can reduce their pharmacy spend and offer their employees access to 95% of the most commonly prescribed medications at zero cost to them.

Healthcare Providers

We support prescribers and healthcare practices in delivering exceptional patient care through our 3-tier program. By offering easy access to over 1,000 generic medications and 60+ acute care medications at retail pharmacies, we enhance medication adherence and streamline prescription drug access.

Associations and Organizations

We partner with associations and organizations to extend
prescription savings benefits to their members. Our white labeling option allows these entities to strengthen their brand presence and provide tailored prescription solutions, fostering loyalty among their members.

Direct Primary Care

Our program aligns seamlessly with direct primary care practices, allowing them to offer cost-saving solutions to their employer groups, enhancing the overall member experience.

Concierge Medicine

We understand the unique needs of concierge medicine practices. Our program supports these practices in delivering personalized and efficient prescription care to their members, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Health Sharing Organizations

ManifestRx collaborates with healthshare organizations to offer comprehensive prescription care solutions to their communities. Our unique approach to pharmacy programs increases member satisfaction, can decrease organization expense, and even help fund operations.

No matter your focus, ManifestRx is here to simplify prescription access and empower members, promoting improved health outcomes and overall well-being.