ManifestRx Pricing Structure:

Simplifying Prescription Savings

At ManifestRx, we believe in transparent pricing that offers significant cost savings while providing flexibility and affordability for our valued partners. With a focus on simplicity and value, our pricing structure is designed to cater to a diverse range of organizations, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our comprehensive prescription cost-savings program.

Per Member Per Month (PMPM) Program

Our PMPM program is the core of ManifestRx’s pricing structure. It offers a fixed cost per member, providing clients with predictability and control over prescription drug spend. The PMPM program includes home-delivery and local pharmacy pick-up, ensuring that your members can access the medications they need, most of which at zero cost.

BENEFITS OF OUR RX PROGRAM. Low PMPM cost. Additional savings to employer groups-employees-members. Increased membership satisfaction ratings. Improved medication adherance and health outcomes.
PMPM PROGRAM OVERVIEW. 1000+ Free Mail Order Medications. 60+ Free Urgent Care Medications at Retail Pharmacies. Free Home Delivery. National Rx Discount Card. White Label Capabilities. IT Integration.

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