Your Prescription Cost Savings Program

Elevate Your Prescription Experience with ManifestRx: A Simple 3-Tier Program for Seamless Access to Medications.

Our Three-Tier Program

Elevating Patient Care

At the core of our services lies our innovative Three-Tier Program, designed to empower members and enhance their well-being through convenient access to medications. Here’s a glimpse of what our program offers:

Manifest Pharmacy

Offering access to over 1,000 of the most commonly prescribed generic medications at zero member cost, delivered directly to their homes. With our hassle-free member experience, we can ensure improved medication adherence and better health outcomes.

Urgent Care Card

When urgent situations demand immediate treatment, our program provides over 60 acute care medications; including antibiotics, ear/eye infection treatments, cough & cold therapies, pain treatment, all available at over 70,000 retail pharmacies nationwide at zero member cost.

Discount Card

For controlled substances and brand-name medications not covered on our formulary, your ManifestRx discount card steps in to deliver significant savings. With competitive pricing that outperforms other discount cards over half the time, we help patients save on essential medications.

Prescription Savings Redefined

Say goodbye to copays, deductibles, and hidden costs. With us, there are no surprises month to month when you fill your prescriptions. No more hassles with insurance companies and navigating step edits or prior authorizations. We are committed to providing a streamlined and transparent prescription experience, saving you money, and providing unparalleled satisfaction for employers and members alike.

"Amazing service! I got my medications fast, discreetly and at $0. After switching over to Manifest I never have to leave my house again to go the pharmacy. All my medications get shipped directly to my house within days. Great time and money saver."
Melanie J.
CASE STUDY SHOWS SAVINGS RESULTS. 350 Employees, 72% prescription coverage. (12%) Plan savings and (25%) Employee savings.