ManifestRx: Prescription Savings Redefined

Say goodbye to copays, deductibles, and hidden costs. With us, there are no surprises month to month when you fill your prescriptions. No more hassles with insurance companies and navigating step edits or prior authorizations. We are committed to providing a streamlined and transparent prescription experience, saving you money, and providing unparalleled satisfaction for employers and members alike.

Savings and Convenience

How ManifestRX Enhances Prescription Care for Our Partners

White Labeling Capabilities

We pride ourselves on offering white labeling capabilities to our partners. With your brand identity at the forefront, we provide a fully customizable member portal, welcome emails, texts, marketing materials, formularies, ID and discount cards. Your brand’s verbiage and messaging can be integrated seamlessly, creating a consistent experience for your members.

Fast, Easy, Access to Medications at Zero Cost

Through our comprehensive program, our partners gain access to prescription medications at a low, fixed cost. Enrolled members get access to over 1,000 generic medications delivered to their doorstep through Manifest Pharmacy and over 60 urgent care medications at one of our 70,000 participating retail pharmacies, all at zero cost.

Low-Cost Per-Member Per-Month (PMPM) Pricing

Unlike other programs across the country, ManifestRx’s PMPM program is designed to bring unprecedented value to our partners. Our partners have the comfort of prescription drug spend foresight with our fixed-cost PMPM program.

Direct Primary Care Services

Our program allows DPC practices to focus on delivering healthcare without the burden of managing software, inventory, and labor for in-office dispensing. This unique, value-add opportunity empowers practices to attract and retain new employer groups and membership.

Seamless Integration with Hint Health

To further enhance the value of our PMPM program, ManifestRx offers seamless integration with Hint Health. By transferring eligibility demographics when enrolling members, we streamline the onboarding process, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering patient care.

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Benefit from Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

As a fully accredited and licensed pharmacy in all 50 US states and DC, ManifestRx provides quality access to over 1,000 generic maintenance medications delivered at no cost, over 60 urgent care medications at local retail pharmacies, and pharmacy consults via phone or text messaging.